Introducing Gemini London’s Instant Print Online Service

You hear a lot about web2print these days, but what exactly is it?

It’s a program that sits on our server with your designed artwork template on.

You would have a password and login to enter this site, which can be branded as though it is your server. You or your administrators can then amend the copy, order a quantity, add a delivery address on line. All done totally independently and without the Gemini Group getting involved until the order is placed. If you need help or advice then there will always be someone at the other end of a phone to help you.

The benefits of web2print are endless. If you have a large organisation where your employees are ordering business cards, they can go into the site and change their details and order. If you have a brochure that is common to all of your companies but you just want to change details of what you do or where you are, just go into the site, change it, then order.

We will set the templates up for you and give training on how to use the web2print effectively.

If you have any questions please call us on (0203) 195 3000 for more details.